Training Requirements Of Opw

Training Requirements of OPW

Gathering information on the training requirements for Occupational Progressive Wages (OPW) and what the accepted practices are.

Range Of Increment

Increment Range Factors

How do we recommend the range of increments for the year? How do companies determine yearly merit increments for staff?

Occupational Progressive Wage

Occupational Progressive Wage

What is the Occupational Progressive Wage model? What are its key features and significance for HR executives in Singapore?


Amortising AWS

Does your company in Singapore pay an Annual Wage Supplement(AWS) or is it amortised into the monthly salary? If so, what’s the reason for doing so?

Raise Up Your Workforce

Raising employees up and helping them reach their full potential can make a significant impact on the success of the HR function. Here are three ways.

Long-serving part-timers

We are in the shipping industry and hire part-time employees who work three days a week. And some of them have been working with us for five or more years.

Removing AWS

We are exploring doing away with the Annual Wage Supplement (AWS) – the 13th-month payment – since it is not compulsory and we are not unionised.

Hr Trends Concerns 2023

HR Trends & Concerns

What kinds of concerns will HR departments have to manage in 2023?  Is HR shifting more and more towards a digital workplace? How will they enable change?

Calculating Gratuity

Calculating Gratuity

We are in the construction industry and have several long-serving employees. So we are thinking of rewarding them with a gratuity.

Transport Claims Policy

Transport Claims Policy

Changing the transport claims policy for sales personnel for an organisation that is in the logistics industry.

Concurrent Training Bonds

Concurrent Training Bonds

We have an employee who is currently serving a bond for a course related to his work and wishes to participate in another training course.

Key Employee Profit Sharing

My company is looking into Profit Sharing rewards for my key employees in the company. This group of employees are still entitled to the variable bonus.

Overlooked allowances

We recently discovered that we overlooked some allowances that were to be paid to our employees. And so we paid them to our current employees accordingly.