Reimbursement Of Bus Fares (1)

Reimbursement of Bus Fares

Question Dear HR Professionals, One of our staff has frequently been asked to run errands during her lunch hours. When not on an errand she will usually have lunch nearby the office. My management feels that she should not ask for reimbursement of bus fares as it is during her lunch hour. However, our office area does not have any cheque drop in box and shops to buy office supplies. She has to take a bus for a few stops to do it. What should be the correct approach? Tiffany     Reply 1 Lunch hour is not considered as a working hour. Hence, seeking reimbursement for bus fare to run an errand during lunch break is reasonable. Kean Hua     Reply 2 This staff has used her own lunch hour to run errands for the company so it is only fair that the company reimburse her bus fare. Alternatively, she can use office hour to do these errands then would your management feel more “justified” to let her claim the bus fare? Cindy     Reply 3 Your colleague’s flexibility and willingness is commendable. However, it is in the interest of both the organisation and the employee to […]