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QUESTION Dear All, 1. How do we deal with the employee who usually will take unplanned annual leave before a tentative business trip and request to depart from the employee resident country instead of Singapore. ? 2. When an employee falls very sick but refused to seek medical in Singapore. On what grounds will you accept his overseas medical leave as valid when it last as long as 10 days without hospitalisation. Do kindly advise on what should we look for. Thank you. MJ     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 For the employee who plans to take annual leave before a business work trip and request to depart from the resident country instead of Singapore, could check what are the differences in pricing of the flight options between departing from the resident country and departing from Singapore. If it is more economical to depart from Singapore, probably can kindly request the employee to top up the differences. If it is more economical to depart from the resident country, probably the company can accede to the request then? For overseas medical leave, depends on your HR policy. If there is nothing mentioned about overseas medical leave, so long as the […]