Sick Leave Eligibility And Entitlement

Sick Leave Eligibility and Entitlement

Question Dear all, One of our colleagues submitted a 7 days Hospitalization MC as her 6 months old daughter was hospitalised. Can she use the Hospitalization MC to offset her own Hospitalization Leave entitlement? Thank you. Marcella Reply 1 No. The Hospitalisation Leave is meant for the employee’s own hospitalisation use, not that of family members. Willie Reply 2 No. Only staff is entitled to HL, not the dependent. Bonnie Reply 3 Unless your company has a special leave which may include child sick, then your employee cannot use her child hospitalisation MC as her own. Munjit Reply 4 No. Hospitalization leaves MC is only for the patient The parent can consider using annual leave, child care leave or even No Pay Infant Care leave is needed. SS Reply 5 No. Sick Leave & Hospitalization leave entitlement is for the staff and not for her child. If she is absent from work during the 7 days her child is hospitalized, then she have to apply for childcare/annual leave. MN Reply 6 We do not allow that, as only hospital MC under the employee’s name can be claimed. We will advise this employee to deduct her own leave instead. Andy Reply 7 Hospitalisation leave […]