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Public holiday leave compensation during lockdown

QUESTION Dear HR Community Hi. I would like to find out more about the compensation for replacement off for public holidays in months of April and May 2020 during this circuit breaker period. For retail staff who are not able to perform work from home duties, and are not working during this period, are they still entitled to the extra day of gazetted public holidays in months of April and May? For retail staff who perform work on certain days for e-commerce online, some days fall on public holidays and some days do not. Are they entitled to all the extra day public holidays replacement off for all of the public holidays that fall in months of April and May; or do we only compensate the extra replacement off for the exact days of public holidays that they work. Please advice. Thank you! Best Regards Evelin   REPLIES & COMMENTS   All employees are entitled to public holiday off. During Circuit Breaker, most retail employees under non-essential are not working (Apr & May) 1. If the employee is going for annual leave during this period, the employer will continue to pay the basic salary only. 2. If the employee is […]

Deferring Onboarding During Covid 19

Deferring onboarding during COVID-19

QUESTION We have a candidate who was to start work on 4 May. Since the “circuit breaker” has now been extended to 1 June, can we defer the onboarding of the person? Is it against the employment act to defer the onboarding? Thank you Mandy   REPLIES & COMMENTS   We have deferred 3 of our new joiners by issuing a letter to these employees due to the circuit breaker. CL     Hi Mandy It is up to the company should they decide to defer on-boarding. However, do note that your contract with the employee starts on 4 May 2020. As the employer, you are to pay the employee salary upon commencement of work even if you delay the on-boarding process. Should you would like to delay the employee’s commencement date, you may consider adding an addendum to your original contract. Both the employer and employee would need to agree and sign on the addendum to make it effectively. Regards MN     Hi Mandy, So long as it a mutual agreement between both parties, it’s fine. However, given the current situation in Singapore, you should still be able to arrange to pass the laptop to the new hire […]

Clearing Annual Leave During Circuit Breaker

Clearing Annual Leave during Circuit Breaker

QUESTION Dear HR Community, My staff have lots of annual leave for the current year and have yet to utilise any of them. Is there a way to ask them to clear some of their annual leave during this “circuit breaker” period using a soft approach? How can we do this and not put the company “on the spot”? FW   REPLIES & COMMENTS   All our employees are working from home during circuit breaker period. We explained to employees that they should clear leave during circuit period to take chance to have a good break and after circuit breaker to put in their best effort to work for the Company. We also explained that if everyone keeps their leaves and starts to consume after the circuit breaker it will be a serious situation for the Company. We got the Heads of Departments to talk to their team members to have a soft landing before we send an email to officially inform them of the leave policy during this period. NL     Our Company has an unlimited brought forward (b/fwd) annual leave policy, ie staff can bring forward the unused leave from the previous year to current year (you […]