Clause In Employment Contract

Clause in Employment Contract

Question Hi HR Professionals, I would like to check if my company include a clause in the company policy stating that employee need to compensate full course fees to company if employee resign within 1 year after completed training courses sponsor by company. Before enrolling for the training course, my staff didn’t sign any bond form Or agreement and HR manager did not explain our company policy clause to staff. After course completed, my staff want to resign. At this time my manager mentioned that our company policy clause to staff and ask for full amount course fees from the staff. Sound like company delicate not to informed staff before enrol training course. Do you think my staff have the right to refuse to pay full amount course fees to company? If company insist to deduct amount from his last salary, Can he complain to MOM regarding this? JP     Reply 1 In this case your staff is eligible to file case to MOM if your company insist him to pay full amount on the training cost, as this had not been communicated to staff. Unless the clause for such training is bonded with employment contract then you have the right […]