Certificate Of Employment

Certificate of employment

QUESTION Dear HR Professionals, From time to time, we receive requests from our employees for a certificate of employment (COE). The COE helps them with their personal matters like bank loan applications etc. We have one such employee who has requested for the COE. However, she has been in Malaysia since their Movement Control Order (MCO) and on no-pay leave (NPL) from April. Do you think we should accept her request and provide her with the COE even though we are unsure if she will be returning to work and is currently on no-pay leave? Any advice or views will be most helpful. Thank you Eunice     REPLIES & COMMENTS     Dear Eunice As long as the employee is still under your company’s employment, you should provide the COE upon request by the employee. Best regards Olivia     Hi Eunice, As you noted, the COE letter is required for matters which have contractual or legal obligations, such as a bank loan. You should probably issue it only when there is a need and not routinely. The employee should make a formal request, stating reasons, and get the organisation i.e. the bank to contact you directly for this […]