Commission To Sales Staff On Maternity Leave

Commission to Sales Staff on Maternity Leave

Question Hi HR professionals, Do we need to pay commission to sales staff on maternity leave during the 4 months? Thank you. Margaret Reply 1 I am not sure how and when the commission will be paid, some commission are only paid when the company receives the payment from client. If the employee contributed to the success of the deal that was closed, then commission should be paid to the sales staff even she is on maternity leave. Jade Reply 2 If the Sales Staff Contract have stated this clause and it is already work done, the staff should be paid accordingly, whether or not she is on maternity leave. Even on maternity leave, she is still an employee within the company and the terms of contract/service do not change. Michelle Reply 3 No, as commission is usually payable for sales generated. Since the employee is on maternity leave, she will only be entitled to her basic salary unless it is otherwise stated in her employment contract for any special arrangement. SE Reply 4 Based on MOM portal, if commission is a component of staff’s basic salary, and not an incentive, it should be part of staff’s maternity leave pay. Vanessa […]