Pdpa And Company Reference Check

PDPA and Company Reference Check

Question Hi Fellow HR Practitioners, During a recent interview, I informed the candidate that we would be making a reference check on him, to which he replied that he had no objections. Such statement was also indicated in the application form with his acknowledgement. I then made contact with the HR of a company (MNC in Singapore) before emailing to the HR a request for some standard information of the ex-employee who was a potential candidate at my company. I was stunned to be turned down flat by what it seems to be a standardized message that the HR does not be give out any information due to PDPA. It also had a suggestion attached that the potential candidate should provide to me his certificate of employment. It is quite obvious that my reference check is beyond date joined and date left. Does anyone here have this similar experience and can anyone suggest what would have been a more appropriate approach, or what is to come after PDPA ? Gez     Reply 1 Perhaps a handwritten authorised letter, as certain company only replied “Yes” on question you asked but not feedback on how this staff was in the past or […]