Company Sponsored Studies For Staff

Company Sponsored Studies for Staff

Question Dear All, Kindly advise what is the common practice with regards to the Course Certificates once the staff completed his / her course. As the staff is bonded by the Company for course that was sponsored, do the Company keep the certificate until the end of bond period? What is the practice in your organization? Your sharing is most appreciated. Christina Reply 1 We keep a copy of the certificate, original is kept by employee regardless of the bond period. Munjit Kaur Reply 2 Whether staff is bonded / sponsored, we file a duplicate copy of attained certificate in staff P-file. Rose Reply 3 We have a bond period but we do not keep the certificate. Employees who resign during the bond period have to pay back the sponsored amount plus a liquidity damage of 10% of sponsored fees. Charles Full Name* Job Title Organisation or Individual* Email Address* Contact Number* Subject* Your Message* </textarea>