Training On A Rest Day

Training on a Rest Day

Question Dear all, We are working on a 5-day week. If the company conducts in-house training on a rest day eg. Saturday, do you compensate the supervisors, executives & managers who come back for this training? If yes, do you pay OT pay (straight time?) or do you give a day off? Any other compensation? Thanks Jess Reply 1 For adhoc training, we do not provide any compensation for this group of staff however we do allow them to claim taxi and normally we arrange for meals/snacks depending on the length of the training. However if the training is going to be conducted over a period of time e.g. a few Saturdays, then we will compensate them by giving them leave credit based on the no of days training. Munjit Reply 2 Thus far for my company, we don’t arrange training on a rest day. However if it does happen, I would propose time-off, either half-day or full-day depending on the course duration. SE Reply 3 Yes you should compensate with OT pay for the rank and file, and off in lieu for the exec n managerial staff. Celest Reply 4 Under the Employment Act, Saturday is normally deemed as Non-Working Day and […]