Hr Ethics

HR Ethics

QUESTION Dear HR Practitioners, May I ask how would you deal with your HR subordinate if you found out that he/she has disclosed confidential information regarding compensation to another colleague? The colleague has revealed the HR personnel’s name to the respective director. The HR personnel is an average performer who has high MC rate. Thanks & Regards Serene   REPLY 1 The integrity of this HR personnel has been compromised. Suggest that you re-deploy him or ask him to resign. For revealing salary matters to another colleague will affect the HR department’s integrity and reliability. KH   REPLY 2 It could sound harsh. If HR personnel could not keep confidential information, you may not want to keep the person. Integrity is the most important trait of HR personnel, I think. Dan   REPLY 3 This HR Officer is obviously not suitable for her position. Confidentiality and integrity are key attributes of an HR Officer. Both of which are sadly lacking. A warning letter or if this has happened before – termination from her position is recommended. Sharon   REPLY 4 That will result in immediate dismissal, at least in our company. RT   REPLY 5 When I found my HR […]