Hiring Remote Foreigners

Hiring remote foreigners

QUESTION Dear HR Community, We are thinking about hiring a foreigner to work for us in sales. The person we hire will be based in his or her home country. And regional travel is required. What do we need to consider from an HR perspective when employing such a position? Any advice and inputs about obligations, responsibilities, working arrangement and any other factors will help us draft an appropriate contract of employment. Thank you in advance Didi     REPLIES & COMMENTS   HRSINGAPORE | HR Community Message | Hiring remote foreigners  

Contract For Service Letter In China

Contract for Service Letter in China

Question Dear HR Practitioners, We have an employee in China who has reached his retirement age of 60 on 2 November 2017. We would like to offer him a 1-year contract, subject to yearly renewal. I was told that we can’t offer a Contract of Service for re-employment after retirement age. Instead, it should be Contract for Service, something like a business agreement. Q1: Is offering Contract for Service or Business Agreement the right way we should approach? Q2: Do you have any sample template of Contract for Service or Business Agreement to share? Q3: Do we have to seek a lawyer to draft us the contract/business agreement? Q4: Must the contract/business agreement written in bilingual (English and Chinese) or single language (English or Chinese)? This is my first time handling China HR case. Kindly assist. Thank you Cheryl Reply 1 Handling China contract need to be very careful as they have complex employment law. For such cases, best is seek legal assistance. Hazel Full Name* Job Title Organisation or Individual* Email Address* Contact Number* Subject* Your Message* </textarea>

Frustration Of Contract

Frustration of Contract

Question Dear HR Professionals, We have an employee who did not pass a licence required to work in his role and we have no other positions to deploy him. In this case where it is impossible to exercise the offer as accepted, can this be considered as frustration of contract? In this case, do we need to pay his notice period given that he is unable to work in the first place? WC     Reply 1 This staff is under probation or on a new posting that requires a new skills licence? Whatever the case, follow your terms & conditions in his contract or appointment letter. Hope a clause is clearly stated that in the event staff failed to secure required licence what is the company stands. Let’s practice fair employment. Rose     Reply 2 Strictly speaking, the Letter of Offer differs from the Employment Contract. The former usually lists the conditions of the offer while the latter is issued to the candidate who has accepted the offer after meeting all the conditions listed in the offer. However, many employers in Singapore do not differentiate the practices between these two, and have often issued one document, using these […]