Contractual Terms For Employee Posted To Overseas Subsidiary

Contractual Terms for Employee Posted to Overseas Subsidiary

Question Dear all, My company has a senior manager who is posted or seconded to an overseas subsidiary. His payroll is processed from Singapore Office and he only has additional benefits like one-time relocation benefits and annual home leave benefits. For the other benefits, e.g. paternity, child care leave, does he follow Singapore labour law or overseas labour law? HB     Reply 1 It depends on the agreement contract signed between the employer & employee. The contract should state clearly the terms, conditions, benefits & holidays so as to avoid future misunderstanding. If the earlier contract did not include the above, the employee may challenge the Company if he/she is not given that benefits.vStart to prepare a new contract, to supersede the earlier with additional clause. Season     Reply 2 In our company, the staff will follow all Singapore labour law entitlements, only for public holidays they will follow the country they are posted to. Munjit     Reply 3 Since this employee is tied to SGP payroll, his entitlement of all other leaves follows SGP MOM. EL     Reply 4 It depends on the secondment agreement, before getting into secondment you will definitely discuss and agree […]