Failure In Exam For Company Sponsored Course

Failure in Exam for Company-Sponsored Course

QUESTION Hi HR Practitioners, I would like to find out what do companies do if the staff take a course and fail the exams, thus the company is not able to apply for the Training Grant. Do you claim back money from the employee or proceed to pick up the tab as usual? Thank you.     REPLIES & COMMENTS     1.  Usually, our company will pay but if the staff would want to retake the course, he or she has to pay. Some of the course is work-related and requirement by the construction industry and it is necessary to take before the person can work at the job site. So the staff has to go through the course again. 2.  For Company sponsored/subsidized courses, the T&C will be to gain the certification. For my previous company, we will pay the course fees and 1st-time exam fees. If the staff fails the 1st exam, then the 2nd exam fees will be borne by staff. If fail again the 3rd time (or if the institution requires you to pay the full course fees again in order to re-sit), then the failed course fees will be borne by staff (or deducted […]