Attendance incentives

QUESTION Dear HR Community I understand that there was a previous post on good attendance rewards. But, as we recover from COVID-19 and resume our operations, is it advisable to introduce an incentive for attendance for operational staff? We are thinking about this and would appreciate any advice from those who have implemented such policies to increase or improve attendance. We are from the construction industry. Thank you for your inputs. Yong     HR Poll: Do attendance incentives work? (To improve attendance) Yes: 50.00% No: 15.00% Maybe: 35.00%     REPLIES & COMMENTS     Do it on a quarterly basis rather than yearly. – Cheryl Depends on the nature of industry and category. For workers,  incentives may help like production, operation, cleaning, security, and others. but for executive-level may not help since most are still working from home. – AM To motivate staff not to be absent special during this period. Where 3 days MC is easy to obtain. But have to be careful about the terms & conditions of the attendance incentive. – Jenny   HRSINGAPORE | HR Community Message | Attendance incentives