Mature Worker CPF

In Singapore, workers aged 55 and above are required to continue making CPF contributions that are lower than those for younger workers.

Employer Cpf Contributions For Bonus

Employer CPF contributions for Bonus

QUESTION Dear HR Practitioners, Would like to check if you, as HR, have encountered instance of employers proposing to deduct employers CPF contributions when paying out bonuses. Justification is as this is a pension and foreign employees do not have this, thus it must be fair. Of course it is not in accordance to our CPF Act but then if this was already less out during the declaration, staff would not know. What are your thoughts in a confidential position in HR? Thank you. Lynn     REPLY 1 Your company can fix the annual increment period, example: 1st Jun. All employees who have been working more than 1 year from date of joining until 1st Jun are entitled for annual increment. For those who worked less than 1 year, you can use pro-rate increment, example: for 6 months 50% increment rate compare to normal increment; 7 months (7/12*100=58%). Then the next year all the pro-rated employees are entitled for full increment. BF     REPLY 2 Will justify that this is a bonus payout, not a pension payout, hence it will be in accordance to CPF regulation set forth. Pension also have certain set regulation, and can be taxable as […]

Cpf Payment For Temporary Workers

CPF Payment for Temporary Workers

QUESTION Dear HR Practitioners, Could you share how you would approach the case of hiring temporary help for admin work at hourly wages and if you would pay CPF? We are planning to hire a temp for a week and not sure if we are to pay CPF for him, and if we need to work out a Contract for Service document to have proper documentation. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance. Eunice     REPLY 1 CPF contributions are payable for part-time/casual/temporary employees who are: -Singapore Citizens/Singapore Permanent Residents, -Earning more than $50 in a month, and -Engaged under a contract of service. Based on CPF board website. Mariah     REPLY 2 If we hire direct, we pay CPF. Sometimes we park under agency so agency takes care of that. AL     REPLY 3 Technically we have to contribute CPF for temporary workers. We have contributed CPF for our part time office cleaner as the HR system auto calculate CPF when we key in the NRIC Number. Carroll    

Cpf Contribution On Backdated Unpaid Leave

CPF Contribution on Backdated Unpaid Leave

Question Dear HR Professionals, When an employee took unpaid leave at the end of the month after salary has been processed, we will deduct this unpaid leave in the following month. Can anyone share on what is your practice in your Company? And how to compute the CPF contribution for this unpaid leave? Thank you. Cass     Reply 1 Our current practice: We will try to deduct all unpaid leave within the month, and leaves applied after the cut-off period will be deducted in the following month payroll. However, we just being notified that the CPF contribution should be based on the basic salary instead of after the deduction amount. The reason being the employer should have sufficient time to make the adjustment before the CPF contribution. The following is an illustration: Employee A with basic salary $2,000 took 1-day unpaid leave in Nov’17, however deduction made in Dec’17. The CPF contribution should be based on $2,000 instead of after pay deduction. Ai Ting