Criminal Breach Of Trust

Criminal Breach of Trust

Question Dear HR Professionals, I have several questions involving an employee committing a criminal breach of trust and hope to hear suggestions/feedback from you: 1. If there is some evidence of an employee committing a Criminal Breach of Trust, does the company have the right to terminate the services of the employee without payment of notice n lieu pending investigation of the case? 2. What happens if the employee denies the case and refuses to leave? Do we then have to pay notice in lieu? 3. Must a CBD case be reported to the police or CID? Thank you. JN     Reply 1 First of all, the evidences must be clear and not subjected to dispute. If it is so, you may hold a dismissal meeting with the superior of the employee or the witness of the CBT presence in the meeting. It is up to the company whether to report to the police or not. If the evidences is not clear, you may suspend the employee and pending for investigation. In this case, you may want to seriously consider report to police / CIPB for assistance. Dan     Reply 2 1. If there is some evidence of […]