Benefits For Data Entry Clerks

Benefits for Data Entry Clerks

Question Dear All, The company is contemplating some form of benefits for data entry clerks who are constantly typing away in front of the computer screen. They reckon that their eyes will be strained from continuous peering at the computer screen. Any recommendation for the staff benefit? Thank you. Joseph Reply 1 You may want to consider a 6 monthly / yearly eye check for them and provide benefits yearly to fix their glasses if required. Probably S$200.00/year. Christina Reply 2 Recommended eye-drops for those who wore contact lens and felt eye dryness would appreciate that. dksw Reply 3 You can consider giving the clerks some berry supplements that is good for the eyes. Jess For example, if we intend to have the increment this month, we can say that there will be increment for those employees who joined example before 01 Aug 2016. This will applies for everybody and new hires with less than 1 year service will not get the increment. Ken Full Name* Job Title Organisation or Individual* Email Address* Contact Number* Subject* Your Message* </textarea>