Happy Lunar New Year 2024

Happy Lunar New Year 2024

Wishing all HR Executives in Singapore a Happy Lunar New Year! May the year bring you prosperity, success, and joy.

Salary Range Transparency

Salary Range Transparency

What are some considerations when deciding if the HR department should be transparent with employees on salary ranges?

Extending Bond Period

Extending Bond Period

Is it common practice in Singapore for employers to extend the bond period if an employee goes on maternity leave?

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day

HR executives can use Thanksgiving Day to strengthen relationships within the workplace and create a positive and appreciative atmosphere for employees.

Flexi Benefits Singapore

Flexi-benefits in Singapore

What are some examples of flexible staff benefits in Singapore and the challenges HR executives face when designing flexible benefits schemes?

Hr Role Sexual Harassment

HR Role in a Sexual Harassment Case

What is the role of the HR department in a case involving sexual harassment in the company where the staff who was involved has mental health issues?

Long Serving Part Timers

Long-serving part-timers

We are in the shipping industry and hire part-time employees who work three days a week. And some of them have been working with us for five or more years.