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EP & DP Issuance

QUESTION Dear All, Does your company bear the cost for Employment Pass (EP) & Dependent Pass (DP) for family, application and issuance fee for first time and every renewal? Thank you! Moon     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 Yes for staff who is on expatriate or has been discussed during the job offer. No for the rest. YY     REPLY 2 Our company policy is if the employee wishes to apply DP for his/her family, he/she will have to bear the cost themselves. Cindi     REPLY 3 We are from the Construction industry. For expatriates sent from our HQ, all the EP and DP fees and renewals costs bear by Company. For foreign employees (excluding expatriates), the Company bear the EP first time application fee as well as subsequent renewals. After approval, the foreign employee (EP holder) shall bear the DP application fees and renewal fees. The same apply to S Pass holders. Serene     REPLY 4 Yes, company bears the cost. JK     REPLY 5 Yes. RT     REPLY 6 Yes AT     REPLY 7 Yes, most of the companies will bear the cost for the passes – for new issuance and […]