Pip Success Letter

PIP Success Letter

Do companies in Singapore give employees a letter who have passed their Performance Improvement Plan(PIP)? Please show me a sample of such a letter.

Crafting Employee Referral Programmes

Crafting Employee Referral Programmes

What are the things to take note of when crafting an employee referral programme? Benefits of Employee Referral Programmes for HR Executives in Singapore.

Employee Engagement Survey Workshop

Employee Engagement Survey Workshop

Employee Engagement Survey Workshop Registration Form Introduction Employee engagement surveys are an essential tool for organizations to assess and improve engagement levels, leading to increased productivity, innovation, and employee retention. By providing a platform for employees to voice their opinions, surveys show that their feedback matters to the organization. The results of the survey provide insights into how engaged employees are with their work, colleagues, and the organization. This information can be used to develop targeted interventions to improve the workplace environment that ultimately leads to organizational success. The overall aim of this workshop is to provide our targeted participants with an understanding of employee engagement survey design and equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to create effective employee engagement surveys that can help improve organizational performance. Course Videos Course Details:  Objectives • Explain the concepts of employee engagement and surveys. • Learn about the various models and frameworks used in employee engagement. • Understand the different stages of the survey design process, including needs assessment and survey design. • Apply key elements of survey design, including the selection and writing of survey questions, types of questions, and response options. • Learn best practices for survey administration, including […]

Hr Trends Concerns 2023

HR Trends & Concerns

What kinds of concerns will HR departments have to manage in 2023?  Is HR shifting more and more towards a digital workplace? How will they enable change?

How Hybrid Has Changed Hr

How Hybrid Work Has Changed HR

The hybrid work environment has changed the role of HR professionals who now have to focus on workforce planning and enabling change.

Unlimited Vocation

Unlimited vacations

QUESTION Dear HR Community, My company is looking at implementing unlimited vacations for our employees. We believe that giving our staff time off from work to travel will benefit us in recruitment and retention. And we have some concerns about such a bold move and seek your opinion if you have considered this or a similar benefit for your employees. If you have, please share your considerations, engagement and challenges especially during implementation. We are in the IT industry. Thank you for sharing your practices. Esther     HR Poll: Will you consider offering unlimited vacations as a staff benefit in your organisation? Responses: Yes, I will: 15.38% No, I will not: 57.69% I am not sure: 26.92%     REPLIES & COMMENTS