Employee Non Compliance With Rules

Employee Non-Compliance with Rules

Question Hi, fellow HR practitioners, We have this staff who joined us in June 2018. (1) He failed to take up added responsibilities such as fetching overseas visitors and claimed that he has no money to pay for the cab fare (usually we will reimburse to him). (2) He challenged his immediate superior and failed to obey instructions. (3) As our President made a visit to our head office on 20 Aug 2018, all staff are required to report to the office at 8.30am. He failed to obey instructions and reached the office at 8.55 am instead. On the same day, he went for early lunch before official lunch hours. The management is very disappointed with his job performance and work attitude and HR called him to counsel him on the above. In view that he does not fulfill the requirements, the Company does not wish him to continue his service. A text message was sent to his immediate superior “so you have terminated me as of today, please settle all my payments as I won’t be serving any notices”. He did not turn up to work at all.- Missing in Action. Please note that our Company did not serve […]