Pay Increase Request From Malaysia Branch Office (1)

Pay Increase Request from Malaysia Branch Office

QUESTION Dear All, Recently my colleagues from Malaysia (branch office) is asking for a raise, citing GST, depreciation in currency and increase in the cost of living. Did anyone face the same problem and how did you handle it? Thank you J     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 My friend’s Malaysia branch also cited the same demands. His boss gave a clear signal if they are still unaware that the global economic crisis is affecting all companies both in Singapore and across the causeway, then they can choose to resign and look for somewhere that they can find better conditions. having said that all the staff took no further actions. Raymond     REPLY 2 In terms of our sales personnel, we reviewed and decided to increase the allowances instead by about 5% , not the salary. Jennifer    


Termination due to poor attendance

QUESTION Dear HR Community We have an employee who has been taking sick leave as well as urgent leave too frequently in my opinion. This has affected his overall attendance and therefore performance. In such circumstances, and given the challenging times that we face, can we terminate him immediately, without notice? We are in the IT industry. Elsie     HR Poll: Can we terminate an employee without notice for poor attendance? Yes: 6.49% No: 76.62% Maybe: 16.88%     REPLIES & COMMENTS     How long has the employee worked with the company how employee been counselled before and issued a warning letter – SL Maybe you should find out what’s happening to this employee first – Jillian Check with him the reason for his frequency of taking such leave and let him know that overall attendance and performance is affected due to such leave – Jenny Normally we will give a warning letter first. if no changes, then we will issue a termination letter with a notice period – Nicole Hello Elsie, We are in the IT industry and have been encountering similar issues on and off, it can be very frustrating at times as it will affect […]