Gift policy

QUESTION Dear HR Community In view of the current economic conditions caused by the pandemic, we have decided to review our policy with regard to employee gifts. These gifts are provided for marriage, newborns, wellness, and condolence. My question is whether you are also assessing your employee gifts policy and what you are currently giving to your employees in the event of a marriage, newborn, etc. We are in the interior design industry. Serene     HR Poll: Are you reviewing your employee gifts policy? Yes: 15.79% No: 78.95% Maybe: 5.26%     REPLIES & COMMENTS     No, we are not reviewing at the moment. Marriage – no gift but 1-day marriage leave. Newborn – Hamper. Condolence – Condolence Gift – Z We give marriage ang bao(S$200) all levels. Newborn voucher(Min S$80) and condolence wreath(Min S$60) depending on the position – Jenny By staff category Marriage: $100 to $300 Get-well hamper: $100 – $200 New Born: $80 – $200 Condolence: Wreath Token $100 – $500 No plan to change, when things are better will propose to the company to align the gaps – Sharon Gift cards equivalent to S$1,000 for childbirth or legal marriage – Nancy In monetary form […]