staff benefits

Staff Benefits

QUESTION Dear all, Appreciate if you can share what kind of staff benefits your Company gives, in particular: 1. Leave Entitlements 2. Medical Benefits (including Outpatient, Dental, etc.) 3. Travel Claims Benefits 4. Any other additional benefits Thank you. Best regards, Carolina     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 Our company offers the following: 1. Leave Entitlements · 14 days of AL for Executives and 18 days of AL for Directors Level · 2 days Marriage Leave, Compassionate Leave · Medical & Hospitalization, Maternity, Paternity Leaves and etc. according to EA. 2. Medical Benefits (including Outpatient, Dental, etc.) · Outpatient capped at $120 per month excludes dental and maternity claims · Dental Claims capped at $200 per annum · We also Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and WICA · In the midst of exploring medical examination benefits 3. Travel Claims Benefits · In the midst of finalizing benefits, at the moment everything is claimable. 4. Any other additional benefits · Mobile Phone Allowance Hope the above helps! Pris    

Letter Of Employment

Letter of Employment

QUESTION Dear all, May I know if Letters of Appointment are HR controlled docs? Can other departments other than HR Dept demand to keep a soft copy of those employed under them? Thank you for sharing. Grace     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 May share with the Dept Manager (not supervisor level) for their staff but the original copy should be kept by HR. TL    

S Pass

S Pass Cancellation

QUESTION Dear All, I would like to find out about the S Pass cancellation practice amongst companies. Understand that S Pass are to be cancelled a day after the staff’s last day of service. In the event if the last day of service falling on a weekend, it would mean HR will only be able to cancel on the following Monday, the earliest. Upon cancellation, EPOL will generate a Cancellation Letter and STVP. STVP is to be produced to immigration officer when leaving Singapore. In a scenario where a staff’s last day of service falls on a weekend and staff also wishes to go return to country of origin on the same weekend, how should HR act on this? Since staff will not have S Pass cancelled yet, staff would not have possession of STVP to clear customs. Look forward to hearing from you! AT     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 If the worker has returned, select “No” under the Cancel S Pass after you log onto EPOL with your SingPass. Refer to Annex for a comprehensive guide to do cancellation online. Myichel     REPLY 2 The S Pass can be cancelled on the physical last working day […]


Medical Opt Out

QUESTION Dear All, I’m new in the HR field. I came across Medical Opt Out (employee choose to opt out on company medical scheme). The company in return gives them a sum of money every year. Isn’t company medical benefits provided if you choose not to have it is your personal accord. Why is there a need for company to give a token for opting out. Is this a common practice? What is the pros and cons? Appreciate if someone can shed some lights on this topic. Jenny     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 Some employees either have their own personal medical insurance or are covered by their spouse’s company insurance as well. So having the additional medical cover by the company does not benefit them any further. But there is no reason for them to Opt out if there is no incentive to do so. Every employee who opt out is a savings to the company. I suppose the token is given to encourage those employees who do not need the cover to actively opt out. But allowing this opt out scheme carries some risk. Its important for the company to ensure that the person opting out, do […]

Working From Home Country

Working from home country

QUESTION Dear HR Community Since COVID-19, half of our business support staff work from their homes in Singapore and standby to return to the office if required. However, we have a Malaysian employee who has requested to work from home (WFH), from her home country. Do we, as the employer have the right to reject such requests? Are we violating any laws if we do not allow WFH from home country? We are a manufacturing company. Thank you. Annie     HR Poll: Do we, as the employer have the right to reject such requests? Yes: 52.38% No: 11.90% Maybe: 19.05% Not sure: 16.67%   HR Poll: Are we violating any laws if we do not allow WFH from home country? Yes: 26.92% No: 57.69% Maybe: 3.85% Not sure: 11.54%     REPLIES & COMMENTS   Inform her she is currently on standby working from home and you may need her to report back to the office on short notice. If she wants to return to her home country and work, she may be subjected to SHN regulations when she eventually needs to return to Singapore’s office which will affect your business operations – TL She is employed in a […]

Terms Of Employment

Terms of Employment

Question I was wondering if it is legal to state in the employment contract for foreign employees (SPass and EP) to pay back the company for the Work Pass Application Fee etc if they have worked with the company for less than X number of months? Thank you! Joanna Reply 1 It would be against regulatory guidelines in accordance to the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. The cost of hiring and termination of employment of foreign workers are legally the responsibilities of the employer. Henri Reply 2 Fees should not be paid by S Pass Holder. It should not be written in the contract. Jocelyn Full Name* Job Title Organisation or Individual* Email Address* Contact Number* Subject* Your Message*