Pro Rated Annual Leave

Pro-rated Annual Leave

How do HR executives calculate pro-rated annual leave in Singapore and what are the implications of pro-rated annual leave?

Weekend Company Functions

Weekend Company Functions

Can an organisation’s management require employees to attend weekend company functions and deduct annual leave for not attending?

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day

HR executives can use Thanksgiving Day to strengthen relationships within the workplace and create a positive and appreciative atmosphere for employees.

Work Hour Tardiness

Work Hour Tardiness

I’m starting to have a tardiness issue in my company. Should the company implement more flexible staggered working hours?

Flexi Benefits Singapore

Flexi-benefits in Singapore

What are some examples of flexible staff benefits in Singapore and the challenges HR executives face when designing flexible benefits schemes?

Thailand Work From Home Law

Thailand’s New Work-from-Home Law

Thailand passed a new Work-from-Home law to enhance labor protection, increase work stability and promote a better quality of life for employees.

Long-serving part-timers

We are in the shipping industry and hire part-time employees who work three days a week. And some of them have been working with us for five or more years.

Hr Trends Concerns 2023

HR Trends & Concerns

What kinds of concerns will HR departments have to manage in 2023?  Is HR shifting more and more towards a digital workplace? How will they enable change?

How Hybrid Has Changed Hr

How Hybrid Work Has Changed HR

The hybrid work environment has changed the role of HR professionals who now have to focus on workforce planning and enabling change.

Lactation Breaks

Lactation Breaks

Lactation breaks can benefit mothers and their employers by reducing absenteeism, lactation breaks can lead to a more productive and engaged workforce.