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Return to Work during Hospitalisation Leave

QUESTION Hi Fellow HR Friends How do you calculate the amount to compensate the staff if he feels bored at home and wish to return to work during his Hospitalisation Leave. His injury does not affect his work, just some inconvenience. HL     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 To protect the Employer, I would advise that employee give a written letter or email expressing his willingness & obligation to get back to work which will not affect his health recovery. He/She must be fully responsible for his request. If the company do not need said worker, please let him rest to comply to Employment Act. We give hospitalization leave & should employee works during his medical leave, pay according to number of day he/she works. Season     REPLY 2 Regardless once HL & ML has been issued, we must abide by it and not, bcoz of any other reason permit the staff back at work. What if an accident happens?? EJL     REPLY 3 If the staff is under paid hospitalisation leave, there would no additional compensation for coming back to work earlier. Unless there are allowances such as transport or handphone that is only given when at […]