Crafting Employee Referral Programmes

Crafting Employee Referral Programmes

What are the things to take note of when crafting an employee referral programme? Benefits of Employee Referral Programmes for HR Executives in Singapore.

Current Covid Protocol

Current COVID Protocol

How are companies in Singapore currently handling COVID cases at the workplace? Do employees who have COVID need to come to work?

Hybrid work policy

We are a communications solutions company and we are finding it difficult to get our staff back to work in the office.

Transport Allowances

Transport Allowances

Companies provide Transport Allowances, determined by the employee’s seniority and qualification to drive, inclusive of miscellaneous fees.

Withholding Of Salary

Withholding of Salary

Can HR withhold the last drawn salary of an employee who is leaving the company due to resignation or termination and who did not return company belongings?

Administering Yearly Increment

Administering Yearly Increment

How is Salary Increment administered? Do all employees have their yearly increment administered at the beginning of the year or on their anniversary year?

Excessive Mcs

Excessive MCs

If a staff took sick leave from various clinic (at least 4 clinics ) for the last 6 months. Can the supervisor counsel the staff over this? Is this reasonable?