Indonesia Public Holidays On Weekends

Indonesia Public Holidays on Weekends

QUESTION Dear HR Professionals, I have employees based in Indonesia and I would like to know if the public holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday, must I give them an additional day off or will the next workday (Monday) be declared as an off day? Thank you. Priscilla   REPLY 1 No, it doesn’t always like that. It depends on the government decision. Usually, the government will issue a letter called “surat keputusan menteri bersama” prior to the public holiday. The letter will inform government decision whether the next working day will be deemed as an OFF day or not. Laura   REPLY 2 We have employees in China and Malaysia and they follow the local practice there. AL   REPLY 3 There is no regulation or obligation to compensate the public holiday which falls on Saturday & Sunday. It is deemed as 1 day off Rizki