Long Sick Leave

Long sick leave

QUESTION Dear HR Practitioners, We have some employees who are going on long term medical leave. The leave period is about 3 months or more. When he is medically fit to return to work as certified by a doctor: 1. Do we allow him to return to his old job OR 2. Can we redeploy him to another job? Please share your views and comments by replying to this question and participating in the survey shown below. We are in the manufacturing industry. Thank you very much for your comments in advance. Agnes     HR Poll: When an employee returns to work after long sick leave, we 1. Allow him to return to his old job – 71.43% 2. Redeploy him to another job – 25.71% 3. Not sure what we will do – 2.86%     REPLIES & COMMENTS     We will allow the return to the old role or new role subject to availability and suitability. Z     The doctor needs to certify his condition before returning back to work, i.e. whether he is fit to continue his job role. Cheryl     We will assess his returning health condition in order to allocate the […]