Ph During Unpaid Ml

PH during unpaid ML

QUESTION Dear HR Community, I wish to know how you handle public holidays during maternity leave. Currently, I have a staff who is taking unpaid maternity leave from 3 August to 30 August 2020. But there is a public holiday during this period. National day is on Sunday, the 9th of August. And the next day is a public holiday. Is a staff who is on unpaid maternity leave entitled to a paid public holiday? Or an off-in-lieu? Does it matter if she is a foreigner? Please enlighten me. Thank you Calvin     REPLY     Hi Calvin If you refer to information on the MOM website, you will note that if your staff is on unpaid maternity leave, she is entitled to paid public holiday during her unpaid maternity leave. Hope this helps Xin     Hi Calvin, In the absence of any company policy or any mention about this in the maternity benefits clause of the employee’s contract of employment, then the information on the MOM website may help as follows: The employee is not entitled to holiday pay if the holiday falls on their approved unpaid leave. If the employee is on approved unpaid leave on […]