Paying Part Timers

Paying Part-timers

Learn how HR determines the correct pay for a part-time employee on a public holiday during their initial three months, following Singapore’s Employment Act.

Part Time Leave

Part-time leave

QUESTION Dear HR Community, As a result of our restructuring efforts, we are starting to convert some full-time employees to part-time. The conversion will take place on 1 September 2020. The working hours will reduce to four hours a day for five days a week. The current leave entitlement for full-time employees is 25 days per annum. The questions I have are: 1. How to calculate leave after the conversion. 2. When they go on leave after 1 September, is it half or full-day. Please reply in the form shown below. We are in the banking industry. Thank you very much for your comments in advance. Irene     HR Poll: Are you planning to convert staff from full to part-time? Yes, I am planning to – 22.22% No, we don’t intend to – 55.56% Not sure what we will do yet – 22.22%   REPLIES & COMMENTS   1. Pro-rate by date. Pre-Sept: Normal entitlement. Post-Sept: Pro-rated. This is the fairest and easiest to defend. 2. Then pro-rate by the half-day arrangement for post-Sept entitlement. 3. Once you have the combined numbers, you can then go about adjusting for people who have over-consumed annual leave. Alex   HRSINGAPORE | HR […]