Recovering Payments

Recovering Payments

Do we need to seek consent from employees to recover payment from their salary in Singapore? What are some guidelines to manage such situations?

Notice In Lieu Procedure

Notice in Lieu Procedure

If an employee tendered his resignation and is required to serve a two-month notice period but requests to leave earlier, does he have to pay notice in lieu?

Public Holiday For Part Timers

Public Holiday for Part-Timers

Part-time employees are generally entitled to public holidays in Singapore, as long as they have worked for at least 14 days within a period of 3 months.

Non Working Day Pay

Non-Working Day Pay

If an employee is required to work on a public holiday that falls on a non-working day, they are entitled to an extra day’s salary at the basic rate of pay.

Range Of Increment

Increment Range Factors

How do we recommend the range of increments for the year? How do companies determine yearly merit increments for staff?

Claiming Back Childcare

Claiming Back Childcare

One of our employees has taken too much of Childcare Leave and we need your advice on how to claim the additional four days since he will be leaving soon.

Job Grades

Job Grades

How do you assign numerical scores to jobs based on its required skills and responsibilities? Implications of Job Grades for HR Executives in Singapore

Occupational Progressive Wage

Occupational Progressive Wage

What is the Occupational Progressive Wage model? What are its key features and significance for HR executives in Singapore?


Amortising AWS

Does your company in Singapore pay an Annual Wage Supplement(AWS) or is it amortised into the monthly salary? If so, what’s the reason for doing so?