PH overtime rate

QUESTION Dear HR Community Subscribers, We have employees who are NOT covered under Part IV of the Employment Act (EA). And we pay them $5 or $7 per hour for overtime work even if overtime is on a public holiday. We are reviewing the overtime rate for work during public holidays for those who are NOT covered under Part IV of the EA and appreciate your input on this. We are in the construction industry. Thank you. CPL     HR Poll: What overtime rate do you give those working on a public holiday and not covered under Part IV of the EA? NIL: 57.14% Less than $5 per hour: 3.57% $5 to $7 per hour: 3.57% More than $7 per hour: 35.71%     REPLIES & COMMENTS Another option is to give an off day to save cost – AM Give Off-in-lieu (OIL) as a replacement since not covered under Part IV of EA – Amanda Not defined by a certain rate but rather are they covered adequately under the act? – Scott Will replace with another public holiday – CCP We give them a replacement PH – Susan We provide off in-lieu – Cherie   HRSINGAPORE | HR […]


Public holiday for part-time employees

QUESTION Dear HR Community I am trying to understand public holiday (PH) pay for part-time employees who are paid monthly and seek your advice. 1. If the PH falls on his non-working day, do you pay him as per the formula in the Employment (Part-time Employees) regulations? 2. If PH falls on his working day, do you deduct the difference of his PH pay and daily pay from his pay because the PH pay calculated may be less than his daily pay? We are a non-profit organisation. Thank you for your advice. Doreen     HR Poll: If the PH falls on his non-working day, do you pay him as per the formula in the Employment (Part-time Employees) regulations? Yes: 48.57% No: 37.14% Not Sure: 14.29%   HR Poll: If PH falls on his working day, do you deduct the difference of his PH pay and daily pay from his pay because the PH pay calculated may be less than his daily pay? Yes: 28.00% No: 48.00% Maybe: 4.00% Not sure: 20.00%     REPLIES & COMMENTS  Review the EA again and check this against your contracts. Revise your contracts to ensure they are up to code and review your […]


Public Holiday Off-in-Lieu

QUESTION Dear HR Practitioners, I would like to know the general practice for Public Holidays falling on a Saturday. For those on a 5 day work week, 1 day Off-in-Lieu will be credited into our leave balances. How about those who work half day on Saturday? Do you credit half day into their leave balances? If you do or don’t, kindly assist to explain the rationale behind it? Thank you. Su     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 For 5.5 days week, half day leave will be credited to the staff and for those who work on alternate Saturday off, the staff on off will be credited with 1 day’s off. The rationale behind is that everyone should have the entitlement of the Public Holiday. Staff who is scheduled to work on the Saturday which is a Public Holiday will be off and staff who is on that Saturday will not lose out – they will be credited with a day’s off. Siew Hua    

Public Holiday Overtime

Overtime Rate for Public Holiday

Learn the best practices for handling public holidays falling on Saturdays in a 5-day work week! Join us and get expert advice on how to manage compensation and off-in-lieu policies effectively.

Ph During Unpaid Ml

PH during unpaid ML

QUESTION Dear HR Community, I wish to know how you handle public holidays during maternity leave. Currently, I have a staff who is taking unpaid maternity leave from 3 August to 30 August 2020. But there is a public holiday during this period. National day is on Sunday, the 9th of August. And the next day is a public holiday. Is a staff who is on unpaid maternity leave entitled to a paid public holiday? Or an off-in-lieu? Does it matter if she is a foreigner? Please enlighten me. Thank you Calvin     REPLY     Hi Calvin If you refer to information on the MOM website, you will note that if your staff is on unpaid maternity leave, she is entitled to paid public holiday during her unpaid maternity leave. Hope this helps Xin     Hi Calvin, In the absence of any company policy or any mention about this in the maternity benefits clause of the employee’s contract of employment, then the information on the MOM website may help as follows: The employee is not entitled to holiday pay if the holiday falls on their approved unpaid leave. If the employee is on approved unpaid leave on […]

Overtime Pay On Public Holiday

Overtime pay on public holiday

QUESTION Hi HR friends, If we operate on a standard five day week and a worker comes back to work on a Saturday for say ten hours, we pay him overtime at 1.5 times his pay for 10 hrs. Does the same overtime rate of pay apply if Saturday falls on a public holiday? I have checked the MOM website but I am still confused as to whether he is entitled to the overtime pay or one extra day’s salary at the gross rate of pay or another day off for the public holiday. Appreciate any help. Thank you. Wei Fen   REPLY   Hi Wei Fen It is 1 times the hourly rate of pay for work performed on a public holiday or another day off. 1.5 times the hourly rate of pay for work performed after 8 hours on a public holiday.   Azirah     Hi Wei Fen He is entitled to both i.e overtime for working beyond contracted working hours and is also entitled to a public holiday for working on a public holiday. The information is available in the employment act and the MOM website. Regards, Chris    

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Public holiday leave compensation during lockdown

QUESTION Dear HR Community Hi. I would like to find out more about the compensation for replacement off for public holidays in months of April and May 2020 during this circuit breaker period. For retail staff who are not able to perform work from home duties, and are not working during this period, are they still entitled to the extra day of gazetted public holidays in months of April and May? For retail staff who perform work on certain days for e-commerce online, some days fall on public holidays and some days do not. Are they entitled to all the extra day public holidays replacement off for all of the public holidays that fall in months of April and May; or do we only compensate the extra replacement off for the exact days of public holidays that they work. Please advice. Thank you! Best Regards Evelin   REPLIES & COMMENTS   All employees are entitled to public holiday off. During Circuit Breaker, most retail employees under non-essential are not working (Apr & May) 1. If the employee is going for annual leave during this period, the employer will continue to pay the basic salary only. 2. If the employee is […]

Offset Notice Period With Annual Leave

Offset Notice Period with Annual Leave

QUESTION Dear HR Professionals, Would like to check if Offset Notice Period with Annual Leave includes Public Holiday. For instance, staff on 5 days work week wants to use annual leave to offset notice period in order to bring forward last day of employment. Last day employment is on 12 May 2020 and staff wants to use 10 days annual leave to offset. So his last day employment becomes 24 April 2020 and we will only pay him salary till this day? Thank you. Regards, SY   REPLIES & COMMENTS   Employee compensation includes Public Holiday and Annual Leave. You will still need to pay the days in lieu plus the Annual Leave including PH if any. Ayda A     Using annual leave to offset notice period to bring forward the last day of employment, yes, you will pay him salary till his last day on 24 April 2020. Nancy     Dear HR Friend, If the management approved his 10 day annual leave, we will pay him till his last day of employment ie 10 May. But if the option is offset by annual leave, then the person will be paid till 23 April. Best regards, LY   […]

Compensation For Public Holiday On Saturday

Compensation for Public Holiday on Saturday

QUESTION Dear HR Professionals, For companies that are on a 5.5 day (alternate Saturdays) work week, what would the compensation be like? The company gives those who are not rostered to work 1 day off in lieu. For those who are rostered to work, they get to enjoy the PH as it is. Staff who are rostered to work are questioning why do they not get the other 0.5 day off in lieu since it is technically not a working 0.5 day for them too. JL     REPLY 1 If the PH falls on a Saturday, the company policy should state clearly via memo or staff handbook for off-in-lieu to be one day or half day. If done consistently across the board, there is no issue of unfairness. The justification that may be used for your case, is that the same principle applied for annual leave taken on a Saturday (being a half working day) or eve of PH, will be considered a full-days leave. Azirah     REPLY 2 In the previous company I worked for with 5.5 days alternate Saturdays, HR will move the roster by 1 week so that everyone enjoys the PH, there is no […]

Salary For Incomplete Month Of Work

Salary for Incomplete Month of Work

QUESTION Dear Fellow HR Practitioners, I would like to seek some clarification here, say an employee serves 3 months notice period and the last working day falls on 25th Oct 19, therefore her actual working day of the month is 19 days / 23 days regardless of PH. Should we calculate as 22 days instead as Mon is a PH. Isn’t all notice period serves includes PH.? Thank you ML     REPLY 1 Assuming that your staff working on a 5 days work week base on calendar days, Oct 2019 has 23 working days. PH is a paid holiday. For incomplete month calculation, you will use 23 to calculate for Oct 2019. You can also use the MOM calculator provided for calculation: HS

Time Limitation To Clear Off In Lieu

Time Limitation to Clear Off-In-Lieu

QUESTION Dear HR Practitioners, Please share your company practice for work done on public holiday (for employee who is not covered under part IV of EA). If time off in lieu is given, did the company set any time limitation to clear this in lieu? Are we able to forfeit their time off in lieu if they did not clear before it expired? Thank you. Sharon     REPLY 1 We will just add-in the time off in lieu (we call it replacement leave, RL) in our leave system, the employee may apply for the leave just like the annual leave practice. Any balance of annual leave or RL will not be allowed to bring forward to subsequent year and will be paid in payment-in lieu (as per their daily rate). NP     REPLY 2 Whenever we give off in lieu, we set six months validity period and advise staff to clear off in lieu before annual leave. Very seldom we encounter staff requesting us to extend the expiry date but we may grant but will not exceed December. Carroll T     REPLY 3 In our company’s practice, the staff is given up to one (1) month to […]

Off In Lieu

Off in Lieu

QUESTION Dear HR Practitioners, I would like to find out how many days of Off In Lieu do we give to a staff who works on a PH that falls on Sunday with Monday as the PH in lieu. The regular workday for the staff is on Wednesday to Sunday. Monday and Tuesday is his regular off day Do we give one or two days off in lieu? Kindly advise, thank you! Clare     REPLY 1 The PH in-lieu to be given will be for the actual PH date that your staff had agreed to come back to work base on his schedule. In SG, there is normally 11 PH in a year, exception come during election years. Normal confusion comes from: PH fall on Sunday PH list from MOM with * indicate that the following Monday is a PH (this is given to all others who always get their stipulated OFF day on Sunday, so that they will be given Monday as their PH, it doesn’t mean that if you are on roster, you get both Sunday and Monday as PH and given 2 PH in-lieu). “The regular workday for the staff is on Wednesday to Sunday. Monday […]