Job Grades

Job Grades

How do you assign numerical scores to jobs based on its required skills and responsibilities? Implications of Job Grades for HR Executives in Singapore

Ns Make Up Pay

NS Make-Up Pay

What is NS make-up pay? What are the types of NS pay and the implications for HR executives in Singapore?

Compa Ratio Use Cases

Compa-ratio Use Cases

Discover the power of compa-ratio in compensation management. Learn how it helps assess employee salaries, inform decisions, and ensure fair compensation.

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Salary Adjustment at Age of 60

QUESTION Dear All, My company currently review about this possibility to cut cost; however, could not really get a clear guidelines from MOM/Tripartite. Is employer allow to do so? Thanks. SK     REPLIES & COMMENTS REPLY 1 With regards to salary adjustments at age 60, deductions can only be made on reasonable grounds as with any other age – e.g. 1.) that the company is going through restructuring due to poor economy/performance, 2.) they has consulted with MOM and/or unions, 3.) they have made significant job role/scope reductions or new work arrangements (conversion from full-time to part-time), AND 4.) if the employee agrees with such arrangements on a new employment agreement. Otherwise, any salary adjustments made at this point on the basis of age is not deemed valid. Under the Retirement & Re-employment Act, an employer has to offer re-employment for an employee who turn 62, and they are to engage the employee with discussions for the re-employment arrangements not less than 6 months prior to this. At this point, the company can opt to redesign the employee’s job scope to accommodate for salary adjustments (e.g. reduction in overall responsibilities and fixed salary), although these readjustments have to be seen […]

Foreign (1)

Foreign worker issues

QUESTION Dear Fellow HR Practitioners, I have a foreign worker who joined us on 1 November 2019 on a two-year contract. Now, he wants to resign and join another company claiming that his current salary is insufficient to support his family back home. We are unable to make any salary adjustments due to the current recession. He wants our permission to seek employment with another company and compensate him for the one way flight to his home country even though he is not going home. Do you face similar issues with foreign workers in your company? How do you think I should handle this situation and future problems from such employees. We are in the engineering industry. Thank you and best regards Christina     HR Poll: Are foreign workers becoming more unreasonable nowadays? Responses: Yes, I think so: 76.92% No, they are not: 7.69% I am not sure: 15.38%     REPLIES & COMMENTS         HRSINGAPORE | HR Community Message | Foreign worker issues  

Overtime Rate

Overtime rate

QUESTION Dear HR Professionals, I have a question about overtime rates. Is it possible for the overtime rate to be two (2.0)? I have looked for instances when this can be applied in the employment act and I could not find it. And even payroll vendors are not able to answer this question. Can someone please advise. Thank you Esther     REPLIES & COMMENTS     Dear Esther, Those staff who are on a monthly salary are paid overtime at one time the overtime rate. If you pay 2 times, it is commonly perceived as 3 times. David     Hi Esther The Employment Act (EA) will always stipulate the minimum overtime pay that the employer has to comply with. And they can decide to pay more than set out in the EA. For your reference, the following are the overtime rates: 1. One and a half times (1.5X) the basic hourly rate for work done after the working hours or during an off day 2. One day basic pay for half-day of work on a rest day 3. Two-day salary for more than half-day of work but less than one day of work on a rest day 4. […]

Salary Payment During Circuit Breaker

Salary payment during circuit breaker

QUESTION Dear HR Community Please advise on the following scenario during the circuit breaker (CB) period for a non-working employee. The employee’s monthly salary is $2,500. The employee has 12 days of annual leave (AL) as of 30 April 2020. The employee’s job is classified as non-essential and hence does not work during the CB period. The employee worked for 4 days before CB period (1 – 6 April). The company pays the employee full salary in April: a) Pays for 4 working days in April, and b) Pays for remaining 17 non-working days in April ( total 21 days in April – 4 = 17 days) by offsetting 12 days of AL, and c) Pays (21 – 4 – 12 = 5) 5 days to the employee as advance pay; putting these 5 days as “time banking”. In summary, the employee receives a full salary of $2,500 in April by offsetting 12 days of AL & 5 days of “time banking” arrangement. Please advise if this arrangement is possible i.e. that the company can offset AL for non-working days for non-essentials sector employee during the CB period. Please also advise if the company can decide on the utilisation and […]