Road Show Allowances

Road Show Allowances

Managing staff allowances for roadshow events. Policy and practice for HR and Finance executives.

Overlooked allowances

We recently discovered that we overlooked some allowances that were to be paid to our employees. And so we paid them to our current employees accordingly.

Post Covid19 Reimbursement Rates

Post COVID19 reimbursement rates

QUESTION Dear HR Community Now that we seem to be in a post covid19 environment, I wish to seek your help with reimbursement rates. Have you adjusted the transport reimbursement in your organisation in keeping with the current economic conditions? Please share the reimbursement rates for cars and motorcycles in your industry. We are in the luxury retail industry. Appreciate your input. Thank you. Kat     HR Poll: Have you adjusted the transport reimbursement in your organisation? Yes: 27.27% No: 59.09% Not yet: 13.64%   REPLIES & COMMENTS   50 cents per km for cars 25 cents per km for motorcycles we are in the engineering industry. SK     Car – $500 allowance Motorcycles – $250 allowance – Security industry Jonna     $0.60 per KM – Religious organisation Claire     $710 for Cars $375 for motorcycles – SCADA industry Will   HRSINGAPORE | HR Community Message | Post covid19 reimbursement rates