Tele-consult MCs

Do organisations in Singapore accept MCs through tele-consultation with physicians?

In response to your question, yes, most companies in Singapore accept teleconsultation MCs, provided that the medical certificate is issued by a Singapore-registered doctor and the teleconsultation platform used is approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, teleconsultation has become more common as a way of obtaining medical advice and treatment. Many Singapore-registered doctors offer teleconsultation services, which are approved by the MOH.

Therefore, many companies have updated their policies to allow teleconsultation MCs for employees who are unwell and need time off from work.

However, it is important to check with your company’s HR department to confirm their policy on teleconsultation MCs and the process for submitting them. Some companies may require the employee to provide additional documentation or undergo further medical assessments if they have concerns about the validity of the teleconsultation MC.

Does your organisation accept MCs through teleconsultation with doctors?

Yes: 70.83%

No: 6.25%

Not Sure: 22.92%


We only recognise MC issued by company-appointed tele-consult doctors and platforms – Christine

We have a teleconsultation service clinic, as part of our panel medical providers as offered by our insurer – Cherie

My company still prefers employees see a doctor and get the MC – Jackie

Tele-consultation with doctors as well as their MCs are recognised by us. – Andrew

Can HR reject teleconsult MCs

In Singapore, an employer has the right to reject an MC issued by a teleconsultation service if they have valid reasons to do so.

However, it is important to note that employees are entitled to take sick leave if they are unwell, and employers should not discourage their employees from taking the necessary time off to rest and recover.

Employers can request additional information or clarification from the teleconsultation service if they have doubts about the veracity of the MC.

The employer can also request for the employee to attend a medical examination with a company-appointed doctor if they feel that the information provided is insufficient or unreliable.

In summary, while an employer does have the right to reject an MC issued via teleconsultation, they should do so only if they have valid reasons to doubt the authenticity of the MC.

Ultimately, it is important for employers to strike a balance between managing absenteeism and promoting employee well-being.

As far as I know, the employer has to accept MCs issued by certified physicians for both GP and teleconsultation. – May

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