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Telecommuting - Annual Leave Entitlement


Hi HR Professionals,

I would like to check whether your company pro-rates the annual leave entitlement of the teleworkers i.e. those who work from home for a certain number of days in a month?

For example, the annual leave is 14 days per annum for employees. For the teleworkers, their annual leave is "reduced" to 10 days per annum. This is because the teleworkers are able to manage their personal matters during office hours. In addition, to minimise the resentment of those who are not eligible for telecommuting due to their nature of job.






Your telecommuting workers are still working the same hours as your other workers, just with flexibility. The AL entitlement is based on time worked not on the location of work. You can try taking away resentment of one group, but it will cause resentment in the telecommuters and other new issues. Explaining to people why some roles can telecommute and some don’t may help.

We do not reduce the entitlement in our company. For us, it is not an issue because there is a common understanding that there exists an expectation of work delivery and accountability for those who can telecommute.





Annual leave entitlement for those telecommuting is the same as those working in the office.
It is essential to measure the productivity of teleworkers to minimize the resentment.





Definitely not prorating annual leave, or salary for that matter. The employees would be doing work at home, and we have full trust in them not to take advantage of the situation.





My company also provide the number of minimum annual leaves to 14 to each one of our staff, unless for those senior staff, will have more than 14 days of annul leave. Right now, we can work from home and even though we can do our personal stuff/things, there is a trust, understanding and commitment between the boss, the employees and the company.





We do not have pro-rate of AL for flexible work arrangement as the number of hours worked and offered position remain the same as per the employment letters. Staff benefits (in relation to AL) will only pro-rate if there are any changes to the employment terms. It should NOT be based on the time management (as it is not part of employment terms). Those who work from home or other places of their choice, we based on deliverables and supervisors will do their random check-in through online platforms. Hence, it does not mean that they produce less or work less. We have a group of workers who do not enjoy flexible work arrangement. This is due to the nature of work. We do not have any issue with this group of workers because the nature of work will speak for itself. Periodically, we give recognition to these staff by non-monetary terms.





Same, did not pro rate those who work from home


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