Terminating After PIP

Can I terminate an employee’s service after they have completed a performance improvement program?

Yes, it is possible to terminate an employee’s service after a PIP, provided that you have followed the necessary steps and procedures.

Here are some key points to consider:

Document the PIP Process:

Ensure all aspects of the PIP were documented, including initial performance issues, goals set, progress meetings, and outcomes. Keep records of all communications and evaluations during the PIP period.

Fair Process:

The PIP should be reasonable and fair, providing the employee with a clear understanding of the performance issues and the expectations for improvement.
Sufficient time should be provided for the employee to show improvement.

Feedback and Support:

Regular feedback and support should be given to the employee during the PIP.
If further training or resources were needed, these should have been provided.

Final Review:

Conduct a final review meeting at the end of the PIP period to assess the employee’s performance. Terminating may be considered if the employee has not met the required performance standards despite the support provided.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance:

Ensure the termination process complies with local labour laws and regulations in Singapore. Consider any contractual obligations and the terms of the employment agreement.

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Do you follow the steps shown above when you terminate employees after PIP?

Yes, always: 55.56%

Yes, sometimes: 22.22%

Not sure how to terminate: 22.22%

There are plenty of templates online that facilitate the PIP effectively. It is the human touch that is required. When the PIP is done with empathy and understanding, it may impact positively even when staff is terminated. People are not stupid. More often than not, it is just a case of a poor job fit. The staff may still be able to perform well in another role, or workplace. – Azirah

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