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Terminating pregnant foreign worker


Dear HR Professionals,

I came across the previous discussion in the community archives on terminating a pregnant staff.

But my question is about a foreign worker holding an employment pass who is pregnant in my company.

Do they have the same protection against termination as other employees on regular full-time employment?

And are they also entitled to the same maternity benefits like leave etc.?

Appreciate your views on this sensitive issue concerning foreign workers.

Thank you.







Hi Susan

The answer is yes. They are entitled to the same benefits if they have worked for more than three months in your company.




Dear Susan,

Foreign workers, even if they are pregnant, are protected against wrongful termination.

For what I can remember, they are entitled to half the maternity benefits and local employees. Eight(8) weeks for maternity leave compared to sixteen(16) for Singapore employees.

It's best to clarify this with MOM.



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