Dear All,

Recently, we terminated an employee due to underperformance in his work.

However, before we terminate and we did counsel him as he also has personal issues which the employee refuse to reveal. As much as the company try to help as he was a top performer before, we regret to see his life downturn.

What happen now since he left the office, we had numerous call from banks, landlord, friends and even debt collector asking for his whereabout.

My question is what are the information can an organisation reveal about the ex employee? Is it legal for eg, the debt collector requesting the company to provide acknowledgement stating the employee has left the office. It has been a nuisance, since the calls are directed to the HR.

Please advise. Thank you.


1. Those were his personal debts and if it does not implicate the company, you have no obligation to revert them neither to provide them of any information due to Personal Data Protect. The only information you may wish to provide to them is a Letter Of Inform stated his is no longer an employee of your company. If they will to call your company after received the LOI, I will consider this as harassment and will not hesitate to refer this matter to the local authority to make a police report or even to our company legal department too.


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