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Time Limitation to Clear Off-In-Lieu


Dear HR Practitioners,

Please share your company practice for work done on public holiday (for employee who is not covered under part IV of EA). If time off in lieu is given, did the company set any time limitation to clear this in lieu? Are we able to forfeit their time off in lieu if they did not clear before it expired?

Thank you.





We will just add-in the time off in lieu (we call it replacement leave, RL) in our leave system, the employee may apply for the leave just like the annual leave practice. Any balance of annual leave or RL will not be allowed to bring forward to subsequent year and will be paid in payment-in lieu (as per their daily rate).





Whenever we give off in lieu, we set six months validity period and advise staff to clear off in lieu before annual leave. Very seldom we encounter staff requesting us to extend the expiry date but we may grant but will not exceed December.

Carroll T




In our company’s practice, the staff is given up to one (1) month to clear the off in lieu, failing which, the day is forfeited. At the same time, we have site service staff who are very busy with site work especially if there is tight schedule for project completion, and oftentimes find it hard to clear their off in lieu days. In cases like these, we will allow some extension of time for the staff to clear his off in lieu.


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