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Hi HR Folks,

Would appreciate if you could share practices of time off in lieu for exempt employees and nonexempt employees, specifically:

1) Is time off in lieu granted to exempt employees that work beyond their normal working hours on a workday? For example, an employee that normal workday ends at 6.00 pm and employee works to 8.00 pm, do you grant time off in lieu? If you do grant time-off in lieu, is the crediting subject to certain conditions.

2) For non-exempt employees, do you pay overtime or time off?

Thank you in advance for sharing.





1) We do not practice to grant time-off to exempt employees since they enjoyed flexible working hours and responsibility allowance.

2) For non-exempt employees, we pay overtime in compliance with our employment contract.





We operate 5-day week (Mon-Fri).

1) For employees not eligible for OT payment under Employment Act, we will grant off in lieu if they worked on off day (Saturday), rest day (Sunday) and Public Holiday

2) For employees eligible for OT payment under the Employment Act, we will pay overtime.




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