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Training Leave


Dear HR Professionals,

Currently, my company only grants paid training leave to staff if they are sponsored by us to attend a local/overseas course/conference. May I know if your company allow paid training leave if they self fund their course?

Thank you.




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Nope, unless the training course approved by the Company.




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We do not grant paid leave if the course is not company sponsored. Staff have to apply their own leave for this purpose.




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Yes, our Company (service sector) support staff on a self-sponsored course related to their job.
We will give 3 days of study and/or exam leave per the calendar year to the staff with 1 year or more service with us. They just submit their course detail and exam schedule when applying for training leave.





Self-fund training is just like attending an exam of regular studies and for that, we do provide a paid day without deducting it from the annual leave of the employee only if the training is not exceeding 10 working days in a year.