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Transport Allowance for Sales


Dear HR professionals,

May I check what is your company policy for transport allowance for the following staff category:

1. Sales personnel, please also advise if the transport allowance has inclusive the ERP, parking, etc? Must the sales personnel own a car?

2. Management staff

3. Normal staff if required to carry out office duties

Many thanks.




$600 for employees doing sales role, $1700 for management and reimbursement basis for normal employees traveling locally for work purpose.




We have a table on the transport allowance under the Company's remuneration package.

Sales Personnel - $800 per month ( all inclusive)

Director - $1000 per month (all inclusive)

Transport allowance is only applicable to those with their own vehicles.

Office employees if required to travel during work can tap on Corporate Grab Account which is linked to our corporate credit card.



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