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Transport Allowance


Dear HR Professionals,

Our company provides transport allowance to our Operations team, however, they tend to also claim transport fares (taxi/grab/uber) for moving items, eg. Paper cups, milo power, perishable items between outlets. Can I get some idea if you will allow such claims? Thanks a lot for your advice.




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Yes under human resources best practices I would recommend the provision of those claims because the transport allowance was calculated on the basis of going to work and from work going home per day, operations logistics are not included in the transport allowance. the reason behind is that you can't know exactly to what extent the movement of materials will be required.

Alternative most companies decided to purchase a car and name it as pull vehicle for the purpose of covering such operations cost, but also If you were able to do the calculations and include them as a separate note then that will be good. This is how I have been handling in my experience.




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As per my understanding, transport allowance is for the home to office and back. Any official work that requires an employee to travel should be reimbursed separately. You may put a local travel policy in place and decide whether you want employees to take public transport/cab in which situations and reimburse them accordingly.




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It all depends on how you define the transport allowance and its purpose. For my company, transport allowance is to subsidize transport charges incurred to and from work. Employees are allowed to claim taxi fare if they travel on company businesses. For example: travel to MOM for work permit issues.