Transport Claims Policy

Dear HR Community,

I am thinking of changing the transport claims policy for sales personnel in my organisation which is in the logistics industry.

We have some sales staff who claim reimbursements with taxi receipts.

Now, a new sales staff is requesting a fixed car allowance.

And I am considering a corporate card or mileage reimbursement for those with cars.

This is all very confusing and I am seeking your advice on which policy you have adopted for transport claims for your sales staff

Thank you in advance for your replies and advice





HR Poll: Our transport claims policy for sales staff is:

Corporate card: 8.82%

Mileage reimbursement: 22.06%

Fixed transport allowance: 36.76%

Reimbursement claims from receipts: 26.47%

All of the above: 2.94%

Not sure: 2.94%




Pros: Mileage reimbursement & Taxi claim- Sales staff will claim according to where they went so we know their movement too. If a fixed car allowance is given, sales staff may not want to go out fishing and stay in the office most of the time...May

If the vehicle is from the company, we are reimbursing, card, petrol, insurance, maintenance & repair will be under the company. If it's our own vehicle, then we will pay as fixed allowances that are subject to CPF & tax. No taxi claims are allowed. This is applicable for outdoor base sales staff. Some ad-hoc staff will be on mileage base/taxi claim per trip...Ginna

Our company practices flexible reimbursement as long as sales personnel claims do not exceed their monthly transport allowance...Angela

We provide a fixed transport allowance and mileage reimbursement for authorized personnel...Ann

We give fixed transport allowance for sales staff and they will manage the given allowances at their own discretion...Felicia

I would think corporate card and mileage reimbursement is the best way. A corporate card allows the company to check the usage and monitor it on an ongoing basis...Jasmine

For sales staff who possess their own vehicle, they are entitled to a fixed transport allowance and also able to claim for petrol (capped at S$300 per month) support with receipts. For sales staff who do not possess their own vehicle, they will seek reimbursement of their transport expenses i.e taxi claims, etc...Jess

We give a fixed car allowance to sales staff which covers petrol, parking fees, a percentage of the road tax and maintenance of the vehicle. No further claims are allowed...MK

It would be better if all the sales staffs have a fixed transport allowance be it for those with or without personal cars...Veda



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