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Dear HR Community,

As essential business travel to Malaysia is now possible, we in the HR department are required to be familiar with arrangements like reciprocal green lane (RGL) etc.

If any of you have made these arrangments successfully, kindly share the exit and re-entry procedures and concerns.

We are in the engineering industry.

Thank you so much.



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In the MOM website, there is a declaration form to complete and submit, 7 days before the date of arrival of the Malaysian employee. once approved, you will receive an email with instructions (download apps-trace together, WhatsApp, homer) and a printed email to show to the customs officials.

Your company also need to issue a letter with letterhead stating that he is your employee and it is necessary for him to enter Singapore, he will abide by all rules set by Singapore. once he enters Singapore, he will be sent to a quarantine hotel, then a link will be sent to the employer to pay for the quarantine hotel stay and swab test, which totals to about $2,200.




Before traveling to Malaysia, an employee must take a swab test 72hrs before departure. Carry the negative test result to show ICA at the border. The sponsor company in Malaysia must apply for entry for the Singapore employee through the Malaysia relevant authority. A fixed itinerary must be prepared for submission to the Malaysian authority also. A swab test will also be conducted at the checkpoint (Malaysia). All negative can proceed to enter Malaysia. 10 days before return back to Singapore, the employee must apply online a Safe Travel Pass on the ICA website. Also, a swab test must be done 72hrs before departure back to Singapore. Upon return at the checkpoint/airport, must produce the Safe Travel Pass and the negative swab test. Employees will not need to serve SHN. However, Singapore border controls are regularly being reviewed and updated so it is best to check again when the need to travel under the RGL arrangement.



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