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Unpaid Leave


Dear HR Professionals,

Would like to check if the entitlement for unpaid leave is 365 days?

Can a company restrict employees to a limit number of unpaid leave to take per year?

What is the maximum number of unpaid leave company should give to an employee?




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Unpaid leave is not an entitlement. Company is not obliged to grant. In fact, it should not be encouraged. Would advise granting unless the employee can give valid reasons.




Reply 2

Legally, there is no statutory entitlement of unpaid leave in Singapore. Only paid annual leave.

Hence, the practice of unpaid leave is up to an individual company. For example, the duration, the total number of days of unpaid leave or the maximum number of unpaid leave, etc depends on what is stated in the company's policy, employment contract or employee handbook.

Having said this, a progressive company should take caution when the unpaid leave is a result of long term illness which in my opinion is a 'reasonable excuse' that deserves a humane approach beyond the company's existing policy, ie., deal with it case by case.